Video element switching to full-screen mode glitch

Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private):

Issue Description:
With a default html5 video element, when switching to fullscreen mode a visual glitch occurs - as the app view disappears and only after a noticeable amount of time the full screen appears.
Happens in our app by blinking the entire UI. When reproduced in Overwolf’s browser, the behaviour is a bit different, but yet glitching at the same timing.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
Quick reproduce method 1:
1.1. browse to Tryit Editor v3.6 via Overwolf browser
1.2. click on the full-screen control.

Quick reproduce method 2:
2.1. create an app with the following content in the HTML file:

 <!DOCTYPE html> 
<video width="400" controls>
  <source src="" type="video/mp4">

2.2. run the app and click on the full-screen control.

Impact for my app: (Minor)
Cannot say the impact is major, but it is a noticeable issue. We are focused on video consumption and this behaviour is not aligned with the acceptable standards in the industry (it’s annoying)

Do you currently have a workaround?

Attached at fullscreen - Google Drive

  1. experience in Fuze app: video + frame by frame screenshots
  2. experience via Overwolf browser (repro steps): video + frame by frame screenshots


We added the bug to our backlog. Currently, there is no ETA, but I will update you here once the fix is released.


Hi. We released a fix for this issue in version 0.169 that will be available very soon in the “Developers” channel for testing.

Please stay tuned to our slack announcement channel about the release date.
After the release, please test it and update us if it’s working for you.


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We released the fix in the Developers channel v0.169.

Please tell us if you find any issues.


Tested with OW - unfortunately, the issue is fully reproduced.
By the exact same steps, I still get the exact same results.

@Genizzz Hi,

I’m sorry, but I checked in both of the ways you described in your first reply, and I can see that everything is working as expected. I tested it with the current latest Developers client version (169.0.11) When hitting the full-screen button, the movie goes to full screen, and when hit again, the movie back to the original dimensions without any UI issues.

Can you please double-check it? Or check in another machine as well?


Checked again and with another machine as well. The issue is still there.
It’s pretty minor but I’m still facing some in-between sizes during the transition to fullscreen.

So like in the original description:

Current behaviour (if we’ll look frame-by-frame):

  1. Video is small. Hitting Full Screen button.
  2. Video is set to larger but not fullscreen size.
  3. Video is set to a bit smaller size.
  4. Video is set to fullscreen size.

Expected behavior:

  1. Video is small. Hitting Full Screen button.
  2. Video is set to fullscreen size.