Video recorder fails to recover from "hard drive out of space" reality

Issue Description:
Videos recording using the overwolf.streaming.start API fails after its getting the hard drive to fill up - which is fine and understandable :), but does not recover until the Overwolf process is killed and relaunched.
Simply restarting the using app does not solve this.

Might only happen on my machine - was not tested on any other.
but what happens here is(Steps to reproduce):

-run out of space on your hard drive (for me it was while using the api to record again and again).
-try to record.
-make space on your hard drive
-try to record again.
-fail again
-restart app
-try to record again.
-restart overwolf
-try to record again.
-fail for the game events not being received bug im having after closing overwolf while the game is already running.
-restart apex and overwolf.

if there is a known way to clean up the old recorder instance and reinitialize it and i just dont know about it, sorry :smiley:

Error returned on the callback is “Error: START_STREAMING_ERROR_ONE_INSTANCE_ALLOW” was attached
Impact for my app: [ mid ] (1.4 MB)

@boazrl sorry for the late response. some technical issues prevent us from getting notifications about new tickets.
I will take a look at your question tomorrow when I’ll get to the office. Thanks!

@boazrl are you calling stop() at the end of the recording?