Warframe getInfo() Update

When does the data retrieved from overwolf.games.events.getInfo get updated?
I only receive onGameInfoUpdated events when I tab in and out of the game.

I am trying to detect player trades but it does not update and is holding a trade from a previous session.

overwolf.games.events.getInfo((x) => {
    const inv = JSON.parse(x.res.match_info.inventory);

Hi @ButchMonkey ,

That should work while in-game and not only when you are “tabbing” in-out from the game.

Which game are we discussing here? Have you tried our sample events app for this game? (for each supported game, we have a sample app that “reads” all the events and print them to the console).

It’s essential to check with the sample app to make sure you know how to read the events and make sure it’s something on your app’s side or our side.

Please check with the relevant sample app and update. If you need a link, please tell me which game we are talking about.


Thanks for the quick response @eransharv,
The game in question is Warframe

I am using the events sample app located here -

When does the in game info get updated? Is it polled or based off in game events.

I have initiated trades and then checked both the sample app and the game events provider to see if the game info gets updated. However, I still only see an old trade that was done in a previous session.

@ButchMonkey can you please reproduce the issue with the events sample app and attach here the log zip package? Please also point where I can find the problem in the logs (which log + timeframe, a screenshot of the game UI if needed, etc.).


I have recorded a short video highlighting the issue and logging the data that Overwolf provides -

The location of the logs for the app is “Apps/Sample App/index.html.log” The timestamp for the last log that I did before “leaving the mission” is 2021-01-20 14:41:02,096 however due to how I logged the data, this is displayed as [object Object], those logs are however visible on the video above.

This is linked to the Feature Request I also made regarding PendingTrades as I was unsure at the time if this is a missing feature/bug or if some of the behaviour is intended or not (as mentioned in the post)

I have uploaded the logs to wetransfer due to the size being too large to upload here -

Alternatively Here are the logs for the app that I am testing with
OverwolfLogs_2021-01-20_14-43-56_Sample_App.zip (3.3 MB)

We will discuss that internally and let you know next week. Thanks.

As the feature request will handle that matter when it will be implemented, I will go ahead and close this ticket.