[Warframe] In mission events (Player info / Mission Info)

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  • Feature Description:
    In mission player data such as: HP, Shields, Energy, Ammo, Cooldowns, Buffs, Items collected.
    Additionally, the inclusion of some mission data would be useful ie: Mission Type (Sabotage / Interception / Defense etc) and planet / planet node (Sedna, Hydron)

  • Impact for my app: mid/high

    • Knowing the Mission data would allow my app to display item drops for that location to the user
    • I would also like to include alerts for certain active buffs that affect farming items.
    • By having access to the items collected during the mission (rather than a full inventory dump at the end), it would be possible to create a “Shopping list” that updates in real time. This will be useful in endless mission types where the player wants to stay in the mission and farm until they have enough resources.
  • What is your current pain point?
    The data is currently not accessible and the info updates only come through at the end of a mission or when items are added into the inventory outside of a mission (ie, claiming from foundy)

Hopefully, none of these features would breach ToS with Warframe as I think the community could benefit from these features.

As an added benefit, by including the main player data items that are shown in the HUD. Other developers could produce Overwolf app that replace/reskin the HUD. This is a large complaint in the community that there is a lack of UI customisation within the Warframe client.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@ButchMonkey Hi,

From your description, you want additional information to be explicitly extracted when performing missions in Warframe.

This is a complicated request for a few technical reasons, and I also need to check if it’s doesn’t collide with Warfram’s terms of service or considered cheating.

We will discuss that internally and let you know in the next few days.


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Thanks, I appreciate that I might be asking for a bit much when it comes down to player data.

I have been sifting through the Warframe logs over the past couple of days and have found that the mission data is exposed when entering a mission.

If this might be helpful, see below. Most of the data that is exposed could be quite useful in some way.

Relic Capture Mission

11559.764 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: OnSquadCountdown: 3
11560.764 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: OnSquadCountdown: 2
11561.763 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: OnSquadCountdown: 1
11562.764 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: Mission name: Mantle (Earth) - T1 FISSURE
11562.765 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: Host loading {“difficulty”:"",“voidTier”:“VoidT1”,“quest”:"",“name”:“SolNode63_ActiveMission”} with MissionInfo:
descText=“T1 FISSURE”

Syndicate Mission

11059.078 Script [Info]: ThemedSquadOverlay.lua: Host loading {“name”:“SolNode22_Syndicate”} with MissionInfo:

Hover Over Map Node

10903.392 Script [Info]: MapRedux.lua: MapRedux::NodeRollOver SolNode101 - KILIKEN

Starting an open world bounty

9450.264 Net [Info]: Set squad mission: {“jobTier”:4,“jobMinEnemyLevel”:40,“jobMaxEnemyLevel”:60,“jobLevelGenerationSeed”:"/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Jobs/VenusCullJobExterminate",“job”:"/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Jobs/VenusCullJobExterminate",“difficulty”:"",“jobCategory”:4,“name”:“SolarisUnitedHub1_HUB”,“jobReward”:"/Lotus/Types/Game/MissionDecks/VenusJobMissionRewards/VenusTierETableCRewards",“jobId”:"/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Jobs/VenusCullJobExterminate_4_SolarisUnitedHub1_600b398ab18d258e739d399b",“quest”:"",“jobStages”:["/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Encounters/DynamicExterminateMoas","/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Encounters/DynamicExterminateDrones","/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Encounters/DynamicResourceCapture","/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Encounters/DynamicBaseSpy","/Lotus/Types/Gameplay/Venus/Encounters/DynamicExterminate"]}

Hey @ButchMonkey,

My apologies for the late reply. I appreciate your patience, and I hope your app development journey is going well!

I’d love to add your Warframe request to our future development list.
Because you have mentioned 4 different player data requests, could you prioritize them from the most important event to the least? This will help us to be more efficient in assisting you.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting an update on how is your app doing.



Hey @Icywave25,

From the original post, tracking active buffs would be most important. However, these are not exposed to the log file that I was reading (would have to use some Overwolf magic for that!)

From the 4 events that I found in the Warframe log file, Hovering over nodes on the map would be most useful as it allows the most opportunities.


Thanks, @ButchMonkey for clarifying that one for me!

So for now we’re going to focus on the hovering over nodes game event.

Could you explain more about it and the user’s usage with the following questions?

  1. How does it work in-game?
  2. How will this be a beneficial feature for users in their game experience?
  3. Which data exactly are you looking for? (e.g, node name)

The information that you’ll provide will be helpful for us in understanding the need for it by users.


This event is when the user is on the navigation screen and is choosing a mission to go to.

If we are able to get the node name and potentially available missions at that node, then we can give extra information about that area to the user. Such as, what items drop from enemies in this zone with drop rates for items from bosses.
It would be helpful for the user to also see the rotations and what drops after each rotation. For infinite missions this is helpful to know how long to stay in the mission to have the best chances for receiving the drop.

Here is an example of what we are thinking (excuse the MS Paint mockup :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks, @ButchMonkey for the full detailed explanation :slight_smile:

Now that we follow what you’re looking for and the value it brings to users, we’re going to discuss this internally to better understand how to execute it.

I’ll update once I have an answer, probably by next week.


Hey @ButchMonkey ,

Our meeting was rescheduled for next week, meaning I’ll have an update by then.


Hey @ButchMonkey,
I got an update here.

After an internal deliberation, we decided to decline your game event request for now.

At the moment we are focusing on other directions, but we’re definitely adding it to our backlog.

Thanks for the patient and please feel free to keep suggesting us ideas, and who knows, maybe a different one will fit :slight_smile:.


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