[Warframe] Misson Reward Selection event

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  • Feature Description:
    When completing a fissure mission, the player gets a choice of rewards to pick from. It would be great if we could get an event triggered here with a list of the choices. See the image for the screen that I am talking about. You can also see the console, showing that no events are currently triggered.

  • impact for my app: mid/high

    • By having access to an event on this screen, an app would be able to give details on how expensive the item is (if they are planning on selling).
    • For items that require multiple components it would also be nice to display the other parts the player already owns (this would be useful if they are farming to complete a set).
  • What is your current pain point?
    Currently, we would need to wait till the mission is over in order to check the differences in the inventory, by which point, the player would have already selected an item.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    A popular program called WFInfo is already doing this as shown below -

This is acheived by reading the debug logs -

… listening to the debug log (EE.log) and wait for a message to appear saying that the rewards are displayed. Currently, it is “Got rewards”. Once it sees that message, it will trigger the display function and bring up your overlay/window with the reward info…

However, the log file does not include the list of items. WFInfo achieves this by using an OCR to read the item names.

Here is an example of my Warframe log

Sample Log

11960.962 Script [Info]: ProjectionsCountdown.lua: Relic timer closed
11960.962 Script [Info]: ProjectionRewardChoice.lua: Got rewards
11960.962 Sys [Info]: Created /Lotus/Interface/ProjectionsCountdown.swf
11960.963 Sys [Info]: Found 13 items to load (0ms) [Heap: 1,778,951,056/2,524,708,864 Footprint: 5,598,191,616 Handles: 1,329]
11960.965 Script [Info]: ProjectionsCountdown.lua: Initialize timer nil 15
11960.977 Sys [Info]: Finished load of Flyweight batch (1) [0.00s and 0 frames at 0 ms/frame avg, 0 ms/update peak], 0/0/0, 6 item(s), 0k total so far, 0.00% utilization
11960.977 Sys [Info]: Resource load completed (4 root types) in one pass and 0.0s (I/O ~= 0.0%, inherited 7 of 13)
11975.962 Script [Info]: ProjectionsCountdown.lua: Countdown timer expired
11975.962 Script [Info]: ProjectionsCountdown.lua: Relic timer closed
11975.962 Script [Info]: ProjectionRewardChoice.lua: Selection countdown done
11975.962 Script [Info]: ProjectionsCountdown.lua: Initialize timer nil 0
11975.962 Script [Info]: ProjectionRewardChoice.lua: Relic reward screen shut down
11976.079 Game [Info]: Cinematic /Layer9/Layer2/LotusCinematic0: received RMI PS_PREPARING from server
11976.079 Sys [Info]: Cinematic /Layer9/Layer2/LotusCinematic0 Prepare()
11976.079 Game [Info]: Cinematic /Layer9/Layer2/LotusCinematic0: received RMI PS_PLAYING from server
11976.079 Sys [Info]: Cinematic /Layer9/Layer2/LotusCinematic0 Play()
11976.082 Sys [Warning]: Can’t find CinematicCamera in scene (needed by /Lotus/Animations/LevelEvents/TerrainOutro_cin.fbx)
11976.082 Anim [Info]: Using /Layer9/Layer2/PlayerLiset0 as Liset
11976.082 Anim [Info]: Using TennoAvatar205 as Tenno
11976.196 Sys [Info]: DialogTrigger: /Layer9/Layer2/DialogTrigger0 Open
11976.200 Script [Info]: EndOfMatch.lua: Initialize
11976.201 Script [Info]: EndOfMatch.lua: Mission Succeeded
11976.201 Script [Info]: EndOfMatch.lua: EndOfMatch.lua: GiveMissionRewards. success=true

Link to the repo:

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and we will update you here.
It might take up to a few days.



Sorry for the delay. Is this FR still relevant? If so, we will push it to our backlog. It doesn’t mean that we will implement it soon, but eventually, it will.

Please update us,


Yes! This is one of our top features we would like.


We added this feature request to our backlog.
We don’t have an ETA, though, and that can take some time to implement and release. Thank you for your patience.
We will update you here once it is ready.


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