[Warzone] Events request

We understand that the current functionality is highly limited by the way Overwolf works with Warzone, there is a request for data that might be available by computer vision (I guess that’s how current events for Warzone work because it is said that the window should be visible and only some resolution supported)

  • Feature Description:
  1. Knockdown event - This should be highly similar to the current kill event. When the user knockdown someone there is an event fired about this
  2. Player location - When a player moves there is an event for changing of X:Y position OR there is an event every 1-5 seconds about player X:Y coordinates
  3. Current player weapon - when the player’s weapon changes there is an event fired with the name of the weapon
  4. Game mode - when the match_start event fired, there is additional info about the current game_mode
  • impact for my app: Knockdown, X:Y - high; weapon,game_mode - required for new features
  • What is your current pain point? - Kill event is not representing the real event of the fight because when the player knocks someone the enemy can still live for a long while so the kill event does not fully represent the place, weapon, and time when the player really did the important event
  • What do you have in mind to solve it? - no possibility to solve it from our side currently

Thank you for the detailed requests!
We’ve added all four events to the list of new events, and will update here as they progress.

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