[WARZONE] In-Game windows are always clicked through

Issue Description: In-game windows are not clickable, the click is always passed through the window to the game. Happens also to Overwolf in-game windows like the Task Manager: it appears but the clicks are being passed to the game.
Steps to reproduce: Launch game. Launch an in-game window. Try to click inside the window.
Impact for my app: severe / breaking
Do you currently have a workaround? No

Please try using Ctrl+Tab (to switch into “exclusive mode”), does it work for you?

If you want to switch into exclusive mode when a certain window shows up, please use the following manifest flag:

Hi @itayG, sorry for the late response.

I tried what you suggested with no success. The Overwolf windows aren’t clickable when they are set as an overlay on the game.

I’m sure I could click/drag them before, but now I cannot anymore.
Also tried with TRN’s COD Tracker app, it is bugged aswell. Their window opens up but I canot click anything on it (also tried ctrl+tabbing).

@aur0n, please try in borderless windowed mode, that should work. (more info here)

Closing the ticket. If you have any issues, please mention me here.

We have experienced this issue as well.
I tried following your instructions and using borderless but it seems like the issue still occurs in both OW & OW

User Logs:
OverwolfLogs_2021-07-15_14-54-17.zip (497.4 KB)

Yup, can confirm it’s not working @eransharv.

@shir.brass @aur0n I want to make sure - is it NOT working on borderless too? (by not working, I mean that you can’t interact with your app’s window as all the input "pass-through)

What about windowed mode? Not working as well?

correct. it does not work in either fullscreen extended window (aka fullscreen) or fullscreen borderless (aka borderless).

Regarding windowed, AFAIK, CoD doesn’t have such a window mode.

@aur0n is your app live? I want to try to reproduce it. If not, please DM me the OPK or attach it here. With clear steps on how exactly I should reproduce it.

@shir.brass same to you - how can I reproduce it exactly? Should I use the latest version of OW and Outplayed?

with the latest outplayed version, run the following:

  1. Set COD to fullscreen borderless and relaunch the game
  2. Enter COD
  3. Create a short match and exit to the game lobby
  4. Attempt to click on the match end notification

@eransharv making sure that you’ve seen my previous message

updating that me and Eliran scheduled for Sunday to reproduce it. (22 Aug. 2021).

@aur0n @shir.brass So today, I reproduce the issue. There is so change in the current state since this ticket was open:

Now, when playing Warzone in fullscreen borderless mode, the little “popup” OW window on the right (at the end of the much) can interact with, when you are in exclusive mode (I clickedctrl+tab, but that can be also through hotkey that give you the exclusive mode).

Please try to reproduce the issue on the latest OW version and let me know if you can see different behavior. Please use the Developers channel.

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We have validated the issue from our end and it is no longer an issue for us.

However, I’m not speaking on behalf of @aur0n as it may still be an issue for him

@shir.brass Sadly I halted development of my app due to recent changes made by Overwolf to follow (new) Activision guidelines.

@eransharv if you want you can treat this case closed.

Sorry to hear that. I hope that you will find the right path to a successful app. Closing.

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