[Warzone] overwolf.exe is blocked by Activision

Related app/team name (optional)
currently in development for a private Lobby Tournament site

Issue Description
overwolf.exe is blocked by Activision on Gamestart

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce)

  1. Start overwolf
  2. Start Call of Duty Warzone

Impact for my app
:rotating_light: Show stopper - we cant get the score from people. 50 teams would now have to make screenshots from their kills and also placement, this will lead to tons of manual efforts that we can deal with. There is no API support for custom games in warzone.

Do you currently have a workaround?
Not tried renaming overwolf.exe but it looks like the flagged it as „unfair“ so any workaround could lead into an account ban.

My questions/Request
Are you aware of it or do you have any information from Activision? I spent over 6 weeks programming the tournament website in my spare time ans now it seems I can close it before we even really started.

Thanks for your support.

Hi. We are checking it, and I will update you ASAP.



CoD Warzone is currently blocking Overwolf. Warzone is not supported at this stage as we are working on a solution. Feel free to ask here or DM me with any questions.



Hi. I was banned by activision for running overwolf before they had this message which popped up. Any status updates on you working with activision to resolve this issue? thanks.

@csavard-sudo, you mean to resolve your banning issue or resolve the OW blocking issue?
Because the second issue is resolved already: We are not blocked anymore.

Having said that, if the user is playing a game in borderless/windowed mode, he will be able to interact with the OW windows just if the window is in exclusive mode.
If he is playing a game in fullscreen, the interaction with the OW windows will be completely disabled.

If that scenario is interesting and required for your app, let me know, and I’ll give you more details. Anyway, I’m going to release a guide with all the explanations very soon.

Hello eransharv. Thanks for your quick response. Yeah I mean, I had this account for over a year and bought items on it. I was banned immediately after installing Overwolf with no warning message or anything. Ironically I installed overwolf the COD Companion app to be able to see if there are any cheaters in the lobbies I join.

I will check it and let you know.

Can you also attach your logs just in case?

Hi @csavard-sudo,

This is a developers forum for OW apps creators. Please write to our support for end-users: