Warzone roster names sometimes are wrong

Related Games: Warzone
Issue Description: Sometimes roster events returning not the full username like “isaac#17” which might just crop because the pattern usually should be at least 4 numbers after “#”. Also, roster names are not always as Activision ID but can be PSN, XBOX, and battle.net ID

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): Try to catch all of the ROSTER events to find such issued nicknames. Try to find nicknames that have less than 4 symbols after “#” or nicknames without “#” which can relate to consoles
Impact for my app: medium
Do you currently have a workaround?: No

examples: codname

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@1337 Hi,

Can you please reproduce the issue and send us your logs package? Please mention precisely the problem’s file/timestamp (where we can see a wrong name, for example).


To reproduce this there is a need to manually check every player from <150 for each match and try to find such cases so there might be a need to check dozens of matches. The percent of this is quite low and just led to few players get missing. We can see this issue on our back from the user’s roster info.

The names you present and are referring to with this issue should be bots (which can be also indicated within the roster feature).

To our knowledge it is not a bug. Real players’ names will return in full.