[WARZONE] Some feedback & issues (plugin crash, team_id 201, game_mode values, etc)

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for the last several weeks I had some fun with Warzone and its Overwolf Events API.

After some usage and a lot of tests, I have some feedback to give.

  • Players assigned to team 201

    • When a lobby is joined, Overwolf starts pushing events for each player, with stats and info. A lot of them have team_id filled with the value 201, that from my understanding, is a temporary value for players still not assigned in a team, and that eventually will be replaced with the proper team_id. The problem is that there is no Overwolf event that is being pushed when this value gets updated, so it’s difficult to make a proper teams&players list. To get the correct ID, I have to wait for Overwolf to push an event for that player (which occurs only if he kills/dies, if he’s an enemy) and that may take some time or never happen at all.
  • the player’s rank value is not the real rank (might be stuck with an old version of the WZ leveling system, prior to the CW integration). Overwolf says I’m rank 350+, but my actual level is ~260.

  • game_mode needs some update

    • Sometimes when joining a game, Overwolf pushes a game_info update with the value game_mode set to 1 or 0, even though this value is not defined as a possible value in the docs;
    • The docs don’t mention duos/trios playlists;
    • This value would be far more useful with a proper game mode name and not numbers. Not sure if Overwolf is capable to retrieve that, but the matches COD API endpoint have full proper names for each game mode (br_brquads, br_mini_rebirth_mini_royale_quads, br_dmz_plunquad, etc);
  • Disconnected/crashed players don’t push any event

    • This would be useful in order to have an updated and reliable list of players.
  • Kills / Deaths relations

    • Overwolf pushes an event for each players kills & deaths. It would be super useful if there was a correlation between the player being killed and the killer, so that a message like “X killed Y” would be possible in a reliable way.
  • Plugin crash

    • When I left a match and started joining another, I had a plugin_crashed in the “Overwolf GameEvents Provider index” log.
      plugin_crashed.log (5.2 KB)

Hey @aur0n !

Thanks a bunch for the feedback.
We’ll take the time to discuss some of these suggestions internally and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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Thank you @Shargaas :+1:t3:

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Just making sure you know we didn’t forget about this feedback, we are working on some of it and are pending results. Hope I can inform with more concrete information in the near future.

Glad to hear it! Can’t wait to read more about it. :+1:t3:

@Shargaas hi! Any news you can share? I’d love to know more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you!

Hey @aur0n ,

I’ll look for an update from our devs and i’ll give you an update.

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@Shargaas Much appreciated! :+1:t3:

Any update on this? These would be nice fixes for my app as well.

@4ndy_Mac Unfortunately, no update yet. The holiday season here is over, and I will recheck the status of it is.

Thanks for your patience.

@itayG @Shargaas FYI.

@4ndy_Mac, after checking, I found that we released a fix for the team_id issue a few weeks ago.
FYI regarding the Kills / Deaths relations - it’s a feature request, not a bug.

Great, has the Kill/death feature been accepted or do does it need to be reported in Feature Requests first?

@4ndy_Mac, no, it is not accepted yet (sorry for the delay; there was a long holiday season here).
It will be great to have a new feature request just for the required feature if you can. That will enable us to manage it better.

So please create a feature request for that, and I’ll try to give you an answer ASAP (accepted or rejected).

I will go ahead and close this ticket for now.


Hey @eransharv , thank you for the reply. Seeing how the events as a whole work very different today Ive submitted a different feature request Warzone Kill/Death Updates with a much higher priority for myself.

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