Watermark setting 'scaleHeight' does not have any effect on the output

When using the watermark API and putting in different values for the watermark scaleHeight, there is no difference in the sizing of the watermark on the resulting videos

// scaleHeight 50
overwolf.media.videos.addWatermark("overwolf://media/replays/Ekko/Osu!/Osu!_08-11-2021_13-54-50-372/Osu+08-11-2021+13-54-55-076.mp4", "wmark.png",{scaleHeight:50}, console.log)

produces the exact same output as does

// scaleHeight 500
overwolf.media.videos.addWatermark("overwolf://media/replays/Ekko/Osu!/Osu!_08-11-2021_13-54-50-372/Osu+08-11-2021+13-54-55-076.mp4", "wmark.png",{scaleHeight:500}, console.log)


We added the bug to our backlog. Currently, there is no ETA, but I will update you here once the fix is released.