WeaponState firemode

Issue Description: Info Updates, WeaponState - firemode no longer working
Steps to reproduce: debug onInfoUpdates2 listener for feature ‘me’, weaponstate.
Example result:
name: “WeapG36C_C_10”,
equipped: “true”,
firing_mode: “0”

Before December 2019, the listener would trigger and return the firing_mode, either 0,1, or 2, (specifying single, burst, and auto) when equipping, un-equipping, and changing fire mode of weapon.

Now firing_mode only returns “0” regardless of the actual firing_mode.

I’ve noticed that the ‘firing_mode’ is also not available on the new documentation version.

Impact for my app: high

@bluffrockstar sorry for the late response. some technical issues prevent us from getting notifications about new tickets.
I will take a look at your question tomorrow when I’ll get to the office. Thanks!

Hi @eransharv.

Any update regarding this issue?


did not notice changes

@bluffrockstar I’m cheking the issue and update you ASAP.
Can you please clarify how it affects your app?

@eransharv, I record the weapon fire mode within the timeline of events occurring during a match. When a player fires and does damage to other players, the instance of damage and fire mode are recorded per weapon, per fire trigger event. This is used for player weapon statistics

@bluffrockstar We created a bug on that. Once we fix it, I will update you here.
Thanks for your patience.

@bluffrockstar Hi, we added it to our backlog and we will update you once it will be fixed.
ETA: i will hope that it will be ready within 1-2 weeks.

Hi @eransharv.
Is there any update on this issue?

@bluffrockstar checking and update you. thanks

Hi. I wanted to update you that it’s on our list, currently in low priority, as there are other events/features in higher priority.

Thanks for your patience. I will let you know here when it will be implemented.