WebAssembly (wasm support)

Is wasm supported?
I’m interested because of the lack of mention of this in the documentation.

In my design, there is a need to use OCR in conjunction with augmented reality. And there is an understanding that the main javascript process will not allow this to be handled efficiently.

This is in fact not strictly mentioned in the docs currently. However, WebAssembly should, for the most part, be supported.
For any specific cases, you can always try to run a simple test to see whether or not it is supported in the specific window you’re working in.

However, do note that while web assembly itself is supported, WEBGL is currently not supported.

And finally, if you need anything more low-level for your use-case, and you find that it isn’t supported in the platform level, do reach out. It might be achievable via plugins, or it might just make for a good feature request for the platform.

Hope that helps!