Websocket Setup

I am having trouble understanding setting a Websocket from inside OW app. I am trying to connect and work locally. So, i have a node app running localhost:300. How do i connect from OW app? I keep running into a cors issue and I tried everything. I am using socket.io for both the front end and back.

I have added connect_externally in the manifest as well.

Are you using the native js WebSocket API?
Please double-check that you set the externally_connectable correctly, including the local addresses.
For example:

"externally_connectable": {
      "matches": [

I have added overwolf-extension:// but did not try the full extension. I am using Socket.io library. It is and not native websockets. I’ll try with full extension and switch to native to get it running at least. Will update in a few.

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I was able to resolve the issue by not using a websocket library and going native. Thank you!

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Glad to hear! Closing the ticket.