WheelEvent does not recognize Ctrl key while inGame

As a developer, I’d like to use the ctrlKey property of a DOM element’s WheelEvent.
When I’m using a native desktop window, ctrlKey works well.
When I’m using an inGame wink, ctrlKey is always false

Expected Result:
Clicked on Ctrl while scrolling would result in ctrlKey to be true

Actual Result:
Clicked on Ctrl while scrolling resulted in ctrlKey to be false

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. open an overwolf app’s devtools (one that is not desktop only)
  2. run the following command in the devtools terminal:

you can read more about the standard behavior of WheelEvent @ MDN:

Impact: Mid

Thanks, i will discuss that internally.

@shir.brass what can’t you do without this ability? maybe we can think on some workaround for this

In Outplayed, users can zoom to a specific point on their timeline by using Ctrl + MouseWheel.

The user can click on the physical buttons in order to do that, but some of our users prefer the Ctrl + MouseWheel option in order to zoom in (they are used to scrolling horizontally using the MouseWheel)

@itayG I created a bug: