White Screen Issue

Related App: Insights Capture
Issue Description:
The desktop window “crashes” and becomes totally white and unresponsive.

After some investigation, we’ve found that:
The white screen is a symptom. It is not the root problem.
It happens after some sort of “navigation” onto a page with a video and then waiting approximately 2 minutes.
At this point, the page gets reloaded for an unknown reason.
Because BrowserRouter uses window.location this means that the browser tries to reload the page /video/:videouuid which doesn’t exist, resulting in a white screen.
We have a bandaid to mitigate the white screening specifically (switching to MemoryRouter ), but this still results in the page getting reloaded after 2 minutes and is obviously not ideal.
It’s probably not an issue due to the routing libraries because we’ve tried a primitive DIY “routing” solution and the issue still occurs.
It’s also probably not an issue with the component we’re using for video (tested with <video url="some video url" /> )

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
minimal steps:

  1. close Overwolf
  2. open Insights
  3. go to a video page <<<<< Just going to a video page is enough
  4. wait for around 2 mins

Impact for my app: [e.g. x% of the users complained about it, it’s a show-stopper]
Huge, it happens to ALL users who use the app for more than 2 minutes.

Do you currently have a workaround?
We rolled out version 1.0.5 with a workaround that addresses the white screen issue by using MemoryRouter in place of BrowserRouter so that the impact of the window getting reloaded is reduced. However, the app will still reload after 2 minutes which is not ideal because if you were on the settings page and the app reloads, you will be put back into the main dashboard.


We’ll release a fix in version 0.170 in 2-3 days. (The current 0.170 in the Developers channel doesn’t include the fix yet).
Please pay attention to our announcements in the changelog and the slack. And we will also update here.


Sorry for the late response, we’ll update our Developers channel with the fix in about an hour.

@jkorean Hi,

We updated the Developers channel with OW v0.170.48.14. This version includes the fix to the issue.

Can you please update your client and test it too?


Hey @eransharv and @itayG,

We tested on version v0.170.48.15 actually and the issue seems to be fixed.

Thanks, guys!

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