Window function to restore and bring to front

I just tested the fix on the dev channel using the console and it appears to be working correctly for me! So I’ll try using it in the actual app somewhere but this is progress for me for sure.

edit: Ok it works in the console but not when I call the function from app. Any reason why that might be?

@bmills95 I can’t think of any reason for that. Can you tell me how you called it from the console and how from the app? Did you bring to front of the same window? Did the call use the same params? Etc.
If that is the situation, I need to know exactly how to reproduce this issue with your app.
And also, let’s wait for the other partners to verify if it’s working for them.

Experiencing the same behaviour here. It works from outside the game window console, but not from the app or from the in-game window console (when the game is focused).

@aetherhub can you explain in more detail how to reproduce it.

Restore a desktop window while game is open. Try to bringToFront, so it is in front of the game and other windows.
It sometimes seems to work only once per app session. All further attempts leaves it behind the game. Other times it doesn’t work the first time either.
Using bringToFront with or without grabFocus while game is in windowed mode or while in fullscreen mode the window mostly stays behind other windows. I don’t see any specific pattern.

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I am also getting this issue, specifically with Hearthstone.

Update: we will reopen this ticket and the bug related to it and examine your feedback. I will keep you updated here.

Thanks for your patience.

@ge0r9e @aetherhub @bmills95 @dowmeister @heartharena

We released a fix to the issue on the developers channel:

Can you please update your OW client, test, and confirm if it’s working for you or not?


  • If you set grabFocus:true and your game is in full-screen mode, the game will be minimized and the window will move to the foreground.
  • If you set grabFocus:false and your game is in full-screen mode, the game will NOT be minimized and the window will NOT move to the foreground.

In the MTGA Assistant extension, it now works as expected!

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I also just tested this fix and it appears to be working correctly now.

Is there an ETA on this release?

gg to everyone :slight_smile:

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I added notes about the expected behaviour under the bringToFront() docs:

Regarding the release ETA - I will have to check it and get back to you.

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the ETA is “early next week”.

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