Window invisible (because of incorrect position) after resizing

Related app:
HearthArena v2

Issue Description:
When resizing the DeckTracker (which is using dragResize with a content box), the window becomes invisible when one makes a certain drag action since the position is set to something incorrect)

Impact for my app:
I got multiple users complaining about this issue and I can replicate it myself.

To replicate it:

  • Start Hearthstone in windowed mode.

  • Click ‘Hearthstone’ in the main menu.

  • Click any of your decks.

  • Open HearthArena and open the devtools.

  • Run container.o_w_windows.findByName('deckTracker').restore(); in the HearthArena console to force opening the decktracker.

  • Now resize the decktracker by resizing it upwards using the drag control at the top of the deck tracker window.

  • Release it near the top of the hearthstone window.

  • The DeckTracker window disappears.

  • Confirm in the console the window is supposed to show:"deckTracker", console.log)

  • The top seems to be thousands of pixels to high.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@heartharena hey,

I can reproduce the issue. Not sure why it’s happening. Can you tell us a little bit more about what’s going on behind the scene on your side? (your code from your drag-move function).

Note that maximizing/restoring the window reset the position and size of the deck tracker.


@heartharena, our R&D, fixed the issue, and we will release it in the next client version (0.189 in particular).


Hey @heartharena,

We fixed the bug in the v0.188 Developers channel.

Please check it, and if you have any issues mention me here, and I’ll reopen the ticket.