Wrong event time shown in the onHighlightsCaptured log

Here is the log, as per this event was happend at 15th second.

As per the video event was happened at 2nd or 3rd Second.

Can you please update me on this.?
here is the video as well

please attach the overwolf log folder.

May I know the path of the log.?
is it the path of log C:\Users{UserAccount}\AppData\Local\Overwolf\Log?

here is an another example:
Kill event was happened at 2nd or 3rd second and I got killed at 4th second.
still the log is showing kill event was happened at 15th second. Still capturing is getting happened. Is it possible to stop once get killed through auto highlights?

Log.zip (45.5 KB)


The time field that you are referring to is not the time that the event triggered.
It’s a time field that is related to the required auto highlight capture length for this event. It’s not something that should bother you.

If you are interested in the times of the event, you should check the GEP log that can be found in your zipped folder:

…\Apps\Overwolf General GameEvents Provider

instead of look into the log is there any API to access it?


instead of look into the log is there any API to access it?

Currently, there is no built-in OW API that supports it.


Could you please reconfirm the same.? Sometimes this time is accurately matching with the event time.

sometimes its matching the time of raw_events and event triggered time. I dont understand how?
Is there any update on this.?
Is it possible to get the kill triggered time in the raw_events of the onHighlightsCaptured event.?
Let me know if you add this feature in any latest release?