Youtube access token expires after less then 24 hours

Issue Description:
We got this user comment:

Works super well, only once a highlight wasn’t recognized sadly. But it must have been LoL’s fault… the only real QoL issue I have is that I have to reauthorize YouTube every time, or rather pick an account. It would be nice if it remembered my choice…

We managed to reproduce this issue.
Seems like the Youtube access token has expired in less than 24 hours.
This was not the behavior up until now, and a single day is too short.

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): yes.

  1. Create a session using outplayed
  2. Attempt to share a video to youtube
  3. Wait 24 hours
  4. Attempt to share a video to youtube

Impact for my app: mid (~1K DAU, giving higher impact as user reported the issue)
Do you currently have a workaround? no

I will see what we can do here. I wonder if it’s not something that changed from the YouTube side.
Did you check about the refresh token option? (refresh tokens are used to obtain new, valid access tokens after the original access token has expired or been revoked).
I will update.

That was my initial instinct too but I do not know to tell you for sure if that’s the case or not

A far as I know, the only option we have is, and from there it’s managed by Overwolf

@shir.brass I added it to our backlog. I will let you know when it’s done. (will take some time to develop).