Category Topics

General Questions

Ask here any question related to Overwolf apps development.

Issues - Platform and API

A bug report means something is broken, preventing average/typical use of Overwolf .
Do be sure to search before submitting bugs. Include repro steps, and only describe one bug per topic, please.

Issues - Game Events

Only issues related to real-time game events. No API or client issues.

Feature Requests - Platform and API

Got a great idea for an Overwolf feature? Excellent! It would help if you told us all about it. But before you do…

Feature Requests - Game Events

Only requests related to real-time game events. Like missing game events, etc., no API requests, please.

Developer Tools

The central place for any and all questions, requests, and bug reports, involving overwolf developer tools, including but not limited to: The Overwolf CLI, The Overwolf Developer’s Console, and The Overwolf Documentation Website