[overwolf.social.reddit.share] UnknownError on Submit valdation flair required error

Issue Description:

Sometimes, we get UnknownError from reddit.
Looking at the logs, we can see the unerlying error:

RedditApi - Error when trying to post to Reddit: [



    "Your post must contain post flair.",




We would like to get a specific error when this issue occurs so we can let our users no what is the problem.
This also relates to this Discuss Feature Request:

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):


  1. Open Outplayed
  2. Capture a clip
  3. Start share to reddit
  4. Choose MultiVersus subreddit
  5. Start sharing


Reddit share will fail with an UnknownError error

Expected Result

Reddit share will fail with a SubmitValidationFlairRequired error

Impact for my app:

low (20 users daily)

Do you currently have a workaround?


User Logs:


We’re looking into this, and will update this thread with our findings.