[Dota 2] Player position changed

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Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): To be announced

  • Feature Description:
    Having the possibility to know the current location of the player would be extremely helpful towards designing smart applications. We are looking to create tools that would assist the users decision making, but most decisions in DOTA2 are (in part) determined by where the player is.
  • Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper].
    Show-stopper. The app we wish to create does not work without having any idea of where the player is.
  • What is your current pain point?
    Being unable to determine the location of the player.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    For our particular use case, the position does not have to be extremely exact. Dividing the playable area into a grid of chunks could be alright to begin with. I know that the OpenDota API can serve information about a players position throughout a match, so the data is available somewhere.
    A good start could be to trigger an event each time the player moves between one of these pre defined “chunks”, perhaps with a payload similar to:
  newPosition: {
    x: 8,
    y: 13
  oldPosition: {
    x: 7,
    y: 14,

It might require extra ingenuity from your side, as it might become too computationally heavy to look at this each time the player moves at all.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and we will update you here.


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This would be awesome!

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Hey @jfbn,

Welcome to the developer’s community! It’s a great pleasure to have you with us.

Before we tackle your request, I’d love it if you could submit a whitelist request via our Discord channel, or via our developer’s website.

Once you do, we’ll be able to better understand your app idea and what you’re trying to achieve.

Please let me know here once you are whitelisted.



Thanks for getting back to me here @Icywave25.
I completed the whitelistning request through discord - but to be completely frank; at this point we are still researching what’s possible, and our app will be designed with this in mind. This is also reflected in the whitelist request.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you!

Great @jfbn.

Let’s continue this conversation in DMs.

I’m closing the issue for now. If you need, please mention me to reopen it.