Dota2 - Add events for match start & match end

I would like to request support for match start & match end events for Dota2

Outplayed uses these events in order to start/stop recording in a generic way.

Note: please make sure that the events are fired on all modes (including Hero Demo)

@shir.brass HI,

on the ticket on GitHub, you said that you noticed that these events exist:

  1. Please attach here your logs that show these events, so I can add the right documentation as needed.
  2. I understand that currently, you have a workaround? That critical to our prioritization.
  3. Is there are modes that more important for you than others?

my biggest issue with new_game/game_over is that it doesn’t cover the “Demo” mode, which some of our users are using, and you are currently not supporting.

I’ll do a run of dota and provide you the logs when I can :slight_smile:


@eransharv here’s my repro:

game_over :

2020-07-07 11:50:55,561 (INFO) </src/services/games/GameEventsService.js> (:112) - [GameEventsService] Got Game Event: {"events":[{"name":"game_over","data":""}]}

new_game: I didn’t get the event, don’t know if it’s due to mode or due to other reasons
either way, its structure used to be like game_over

Full Logs: (1.1 MB)

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@shir.brass hi. Currently we are not planning to support the demo mode, as it’s a low priority.

can you make sure that modes are documented accordingly?

All that I can see is Dota2/Auto-chess

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@shir.brass usually we print only the supported game modes. Sometimes we write the value that we get from the game “as is,” and sometimes we map the “raw” data to other codes. It depends on the design and the use case.

What exactly do you need? That if you are in a demo mode, you will get a “Demo” value in the game_mode field? Is it critical to your app? I’m asking to prioritize it right.

Similarly to the Practice Tool in LoL, Dota’s Practice Tool is the Hero Demo

Regarding Hero Demo, we are lacking:

  1. which mode are we on? (Demo)
  2. which hero am I playing? (I can see abilities of the hero but not the hero itself)
  3. match start/end (new_game/game_over, or anything similar)

that’s in addition to the fact that we need matchStart and matchEnd (or a single event equivalent) in all modes :slight_smile:

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Good Morning :slight_smile:
Any update on this FR?

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@shir.brass I will let you know ASAP.
@itayG let’s talk about it on our daily.

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@shir.brass, unfortunately, currently we are not planning to touch the DOTA 2 demo mode. We might do that in the future.

If there is a critical issue, please let me know.

and what about match_start/ match_end?

I would understand if it would be in lower priority :slight_smile:

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@shir.brass I added it to the backlog in low priority. Thans

@eransharv any update?

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@shir.brass It’s in our backlog.

  • I changed the priority from Low to Medium. No ETA, though.
  • I changed the status of this ticket from Closed to Accepted.

I guess it will take some time to get into it. We will update you once it is implemented.

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