Login using 3rd party app

Hi, If somebody has worked with logging in user using 3rd party apps such as twich/discord please reply i am stuck at something, need some help.

I answered you privately, but for future reference, I’m adding our guide here.

@eransharv thank you, so I am developing app locally and i used the guide as reference to achieve it. when i load as unpacked extension in overwolf development options it provides me the id of my local app. I have set the url with that UID but upon redirecting my app is crashing as well as overwolf and according to logs this line seems to be the issue

{"logHash":"9ACC8A247AFF4852962E5A489FDB86CA","version":"","level":"Error","subSystem":"OverwolfBasicCefLifeSpanHandler","preview":"host created event error (url:'' site:'chrome-error://chromewebdata/' startURl:'overwolf-extension://fhpkpngibplfkdemdfmfpnngnbjackanpljjjlek/Files/index.html' ","dateTime":"18/11/2020 15:31:13.019","info":"","process":"Dock","customValues":{"Exception":"System.InvalidOperationException: The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it.\r\n at System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher.VerifyAccess()\r\n at System.Windows.DependencyObject.GetValue(DependencyProperty dp)\r\n at System.Windows.Controls.Panel.get_IsItemsHost()\r\n at System.Windows.Controls.ItemsControl.GetItemsOwnerInternal(DependencyObject element, ItemsControl& itemsControl)\r\n at System.Windows.Controls.Panel.VerifyBoundState()\r\n at System.Windows.Controls.Panel.get_InternalChildren()\r\n at Overwolf.Cef.Browser.Views.Controls.WPF.WpfBrowserView.Dispose(Boolean

overwolf-extension://fhpkpngibplfkdemdfmfpnngnbjackanpljjjlek/Files/index.html is the url i am using as redirect-uri.

We are working on a sample app that demonstrates how to do 3rd party login.
I will hope that it will be ready today/tomorrow.


Alright, thankyou so much.

@eransharv did you guys update the demo?

To clarify - did you get an answer from the team in slack?

@eransharv no i am not in overwolf slack community

Ok. Do you have a live app, or are you in contact with one of our dev success managers?
Anyway, I’m hoping that a new guide will be published today/tomorrow—a guide on how to connect to Twitch and similar services.

i emailed overwolf for slack channle today, and thank you for the update looking forward to it.

We have a new guide:


@eransharv thank you so much. So i have done the told steps to redirect from discord and its working fine and i am getting my token in my static page. But upon redirecting to my extension using window.location.replace(overwolf-extension://[EXTENSION-ID]/dist/login/login.html${location.hash}); my application is crashing and i can not see any logs or anything why is it happening. If i redirect it to any http other than overwolf-extension its working fine.

I have an angular app running on localhost to which discord redirects and in that app i am redirecting to my overwolf-app in following way.

ngOnInit(): void {
    console.log("location", location);
    var url = new URL(location.href);
    var code = url.searchParams.get("code");
    console.log(code, code);

where fhpkpngibplfkdemdfmfpnngnbjackanpljjjlek is uuid of my extension which i copied from here

So i looked into the logs and came to know this line is causing the error.

@ShoaibIqbal452 have you tried the flow with a real server config? I mean, not the localhost?

no, i have not tried it with a real server, i tired it only with localhost.