ReactJS Boilerplate

Is there a reactJS Boilerplate?
I would like to develop an overwolf app with JavaScript and not TypeScript, is there something to start with?

At least in the current overwolf sample app, there is a vanilla javascript and a typescript variant. You can use those as a reference, if you want an “official” sample app.

That being said, there is an “unofficial”, maintained, overwolf modern react boilerplate. This is, once again, unofficial, but it’s maintained by another developer, and there are developers out there who use it, so it might help to take a look at it.

Hope this helps!

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The unofficial one look like it’s only TypeScript, or am I missing something?

Where can I find the official sample app?

The official sample app can be found here
Native refers to the vanilla javascript variant, and ts refers to the typescript one

But it’s not React, its plain TS or Vanilla
I was asking if there is React with js and not ts

Then to that I’d say that there is nothing out of the box that I’m aware of as of now

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