Turning off secondary monitor still shows it in getMonitorsList results

When turning off the secondary monitor, overwolf still shows two displays in the call to overwolf.utils.getMonitorsList(console.log)
Tried restarting Overwolf without effect.

Is this an issue with Windows (7), or something that can be fixed in overwolf?

Impact for my app: low

Hi @Colorfulstan,

I was not able to reproduce it. Once I turned off one of my screens - I didn’t get it on the monitor’s list anymore.

Would you mind sharing your steps to reproduce?


Its Posaune that something weird is going on just in my machine.
I noticed it before that the second monitor is being detected by windows even though hit’s turned off sometimes.

Thanks for verifying.
Reproduktion is as simple as turning the monitor off, as you probably did.

Can you please test it on another machine with two monitors? To see if it’s an issue on your particular machine.