Using SetWindowsHookEx from a .net plugin

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Issue Description:
We’re trying to implement global hotkeys system in our app. For that we’re using a C# plugin, in which we’re calling the SetWindowsHookEx method. And the code works great if we use the plugin dll from within another .net project, but for some reason it breaks when we’re trying to use it with our app. SetWindowsHookEx returns a non zero hook id, but the callback is never called. Could you help us fix it?

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
It’s not that easy to reproduce, but basically you need a c# dll that uses SetWindowsHookEx from user32.dll, and then try to use it as a plugin from an Overwolf app.

Impact for my app: [e.g. x% of the users complained about it, it’s a show-stopper]
Most of our users are asking about global hotkeys, so it’s a pretty big issue.

Do you currently have a workaround?

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs
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I attached the last log from the logs folder. Let me know if you need anything else.
Trace_2022-08-03_12-16_18164.log (2.4 KB)

We’ve sent a sample through your dev-rel manager that should help debug this further, due to the nature of the original code. Please let us know if you still have any questions after going over it.