[Axie Infinity] Game events

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  • Feature Description:
    -Cards played from both sides - To be able to have a record of the last played cards
    -Remaining cards in deck - to have a card draw probability
    -Round timer - Idea is to bring focus to the window and give a bigger alert to the player.
    -Adversary name/wallet address - for profile checking
    -Axie IDs - for general axie information
    -Axie stat values
    -Player Energy count

  • impact for my app: show-stopper

Hey @Sandman8109,

Unfortunately, the game Axie Infinity currently not supports game events.


@Sandman8109 Hey,

After checking this issue internally, I’m happy to say that we decided to add events support for Axie Infinity! We currently don’t have an ETA yet, but it’s definitely in our plans. We will announce it once it will be ready.

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Any update on the app for axie infinity?


We are waiting for the event support for Axie, Eransharv haven’t said anything else regarding this.