Can't remove overwolf pop up windows

I’m trying to remove the alerts that pop up every time I launch the app. They have Overwolf symbol and I think they might have something to do with Overwolf.

Do you have any ideas how to remove them?

This video shows when they pop up


It looks like a code that is coming from your app. You probably added some JS alert functions to your app for debugging and forgetting. Or you copy-paste code from one of our sample apps.

Can you please double-check your app code?


I’ve checked the code million times and it looks like the tabs show up from somewhere else. I was given this app but it was started by by somebody else… But if you tell me that it’s not Overwolf 100% that would be enough for me to keep looking somewhere else:)

Yes, it’s not OW. It’s some debug code from your app. If it were on the OW side, thousands of users would complain.
Try to open the project in VS code or some other code editor and search in files for the string alert.


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