[CS:GO] Support nicknames in `scoreboard`

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Tracker Live

Feature description:
We can get the list of players in a match but we do not know their nicknames:


Impact for my app: show-stopper.

What is your current pain point?
We do not have a reliable way to get the nickname of a local player (especially when we cannot fetch their profile via API). We are going to use the local player nickname in the combination with the kill_feed event:

{"name":"kill_feed","data":"{\"attacker\":\"BOT Reed\",\"assister\":\"\",\"weapon\":\"g3sg1\",\"headshot\":true,\"suicide\":false,\"wallbang\":false,\"revenge\":false,\"domination\":false,\"noscope\":false,\"throughsmoke\":false,\"flashed\":false,\"victim\":\"knyazewadim\"}"}

What do you have in mind to solve it?
Add a new property nickname in the existing event.

Hello @surgeon

We will review your request and get back to you as soon as possible
For now we cannot provide any ETA for this feature request

Thank you

Hey @surgeon,

Nicknames and ping were added to the scoreboard in the latest GEP version.
Do you also require an info update with the nickname of the local player?

Hi @Jacks,

Thank you. I’ve run a couple of tests recently and I noticed a bug with this update. For example, my Steam ID is “A”. There’s also some random player in my lobby whose Steam ID is “B”. In some cases, “B” becomes “A” in the scoreboard event.

Just to illustrate, this is what happens. I receive this event for some player in my lobby:


But while I play, this player’s Steam ID changes to my own Steam ID:


I can try to reproduce it a bit later and send you logs with specific examples if you need.

Do you also require an info update with the nickname of the local player?

Yes, it would be great.


Thanks for the feedback, I was able to produce it and we’re working on a fix.
I will update you here once local player and a fix for this issue are released.

Hi @surgeon,

We added local player and fixed this issue in the latest GEP version.

Thank you. What version do I need exactly? I’m currently on 197.1.3.


I just received v197.1.4 and the issue seems to be fixed. I could not find the local player nickname though, do you have an example for me?


Great, I’m glad to hear that! local player is part of the scoreboard.

Example: {“info”:{“game_info”:{“scoreboard_4”:"{“nickname”:“Jacks”,“steamid”:76561199232414254,“team”:“CT”,“money”:34463,“kills”:0,“assists”:0,“deaths”:0,“mvps”:0,“score”:0,“adr”:0,“ud”:0,“ef”:0,“ping”:96,“local_player”:1}\n"}},“feature”:“scoreboard”}

Ah, I see now. My expectation was different, I thought you were going to add it in the info event as you have steamid for a local player already:

Anyway, having it in the scoreboard works for us too, thanks!

Nice, I’m glad to hear this method will work for you as well.
Thank you once again for your feedback,
I will now close this ticket, for any future requests feel free to open a new one :slight_smile: