Detecting Hardware Acceleration Status

I’m searching for a programmatic way to detect hardware acceleration status.

Hi. I will double-check it with the team and get back to you shortly.


Hi, as I thought, you can’t read/update this property from the API.
Is there any issue with this? what exactly are you trying to do?


Hi Eran!
Thank you for the answer.

Our video editor uses a webGl renderer which requires Hardware Acceleration.
I was in touch with Elad Bahar on the matter, - I’m acknowledged of the SwiftShader solution, and yet we believe that our clients with low-end specs are really suffering due to poor experience.

We are aiming to monitor and analyze the matter.
For clients without Hardware Acceleration -
We could communicate the state and probably we would like to block some of the features, to make sure we are keeping only smooth and perfect experience for them.

We can accept any hacky way to retrieve it -
Registry / Internal config files / Log file parsing / Sniffing.

Currently found that we can check for existence of process -
OverwolfBrowser.exe --type==gpu-process

Hi @Genizzz,

To clarify - is the above solution is sufficient for your needs?


Looks like it’s enough for our needs at this moment. :+1:

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