Killed event only triggers once for a player

Issue Description: If you play a respawn mode and kill somebody you already killed it will not trigger another “killed” event
Steps to reproduce:

  • Play a respawn mode
  • Kill a player
  • The Killed event triggers
  • Kill the same player again
  • The event will not trigger again

Note: If you kill another player it works as intended

Impact for my app: mid
Do you currently have a workaround?
No :frowning: (1006 Bytes)
On the left is the username and on the right is the kill count.

Hey @xNocken,
“Respawn” mode is not officially supported, so some of the events might not work / have some issues.

A workaround for this issue (on the app side) is listening to the “kill” event, and checking if “killed” was fired as well (or not)