League of Legends Client not detected by Overwolf

Issue Description:
overwolf.games.launchers.getRunningLaunchersInfo will be missing the League Launcher, in the case, that Overwolf (as whole client, not the App particularly) is started after the League Launcher is already running.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start League of Legends
  2. (Exit Overwolf) Start Overwolf
  3. overwolf.games.launchers.getRunningLaunchersInfo will return an empty Array
    => Expected: getting the League Launcher information

Restarting the League Client makes it recognized again.

Impact for my app: mid
Since it is not uncommon for users to install an Overwolf app from a dedicated installer, it’s not unlikely, that the first time experience is broken.

Please attach a zip package of your logs

Can’t reproduce it anymore…got logs from when it happened from two users, but can’t attach anything to the post (“New User”)

@Colorfulstan it suppose to be fixed already on the latest Overwolf client. Maybe this is the reason that you can’t reproduce it.

it came up just before I opened this issue on Overwolf

Which Version contains the bugfix?

@Colorfulstan v0.135 contain the fix.

ok I see the issue on v0.134: It happens when you close the Overwolf client and run it immediately (before the process terminated completely).

try to do this:

  1. Start League of Legends
  2. (Exit Overwolf). Wait 30 sec. than start Overwolf
  3. overwolf.games.launchers.getRunningLaunchersInfo will return the expected result.

As far as I understand, the fix allows to identify the launcher without the 30 sec. delay.

Thanks for the clarification.

I will watch out for this with 0.135