Linux Support for Overwolf's CurseForge

I would like to see Overwolf on Linux, specifically the CurseForge addon. I play modded Minecraft quite a bit, and I also am fond of Linux. I think that between the rising prices of graphics cards, the porting of DLSS, BattlEye, EAC, and most Steam games to Linux, and Linus Sebastian from Linus Media Group’s recent announcement that he will be daily driving Linux, as well as other factors, Linux use may become more prevalent. This would be very good for Linux-based Minecrafters and the Linux community as a whole, as well as benefit Overwolf by increasing its reach. This would only have a moderate impact on me, as I find Windows acceptable and as such rate it around a 4 out of 10 in annoyance level, but I could see many people for whom Linux is the only option (due to low specs, budget, etc.) who want to play Minecraft with mods, making this change have a high impact on them. To solve this problem, there are a few things that Overwolf could do. One option is to simply fully port over Overwolf/CurseForge (OCF) to Linux. This would be the most difficult, but the best solution. Another would be to get OCF working flawlessly with the Linux/Windows compatibility layer Wine. This would likely be easier, but presents its own set of challenges with system integration. The easiest solution would most likely be to build a desktop app that interfaces with the web version of CurseForge (likely using Electron, because web developers find that easiest) and is capable of automatically updating mods and modpacks, as well as managing setup like it does on Windows. All of these solutions come with challenges, but so does everything, and this could pay off in the future. I am fully aware that it is possible to download mods or modpacks from the CurseForge website, but this is not sufficient for most players, as it requires them to manually install Forge and/or Fabric, import their own profiles, and update their mods and modpacks. My wish here is that the Linux version of OCF could do all that for the end user, just like on Windows. If whichever Overwolf employee who reads this doesn’t mind, I would like a response that isn’t just “We will/will not do that,” and instead also contains rough timetables, reasoning, and other relevant information. Thank you.

@Gilgi, Can you please help @Skywayz_Zarthic?



We’ve recently picked up this item again for reviewing. While there is no planned date at this time, we do plan to add CurseForge support for Linux in the future and will share in our Roadmap board when there are more details.