[Minecraft] get gameInfo/ update about the user's Minecraft version

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Feature Description:

We’ve recently noticed that GEP is supported only for certain version of minecraft
we woul like to notify users that use unsupported versions about it so they will not expect for events/recordings.

impact for my app:

Medium (users ask why doesn’t Outplayed work for their version)

What is your current pain point?

Users don’t know that they use unsupported version of Minecraft

What do you have in mind to solve it?

Provide some gameInfo/update event that includes the running minecraft version.

@HeeeySusu we need you to prioritize it please
Thank you

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Hey, any update?

This is available from GEP version 205.3.0. You can find more details under the relevant release notes and in the minecraft events docs. Hope this helps!

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As I wish to know as soon as possible the version of the user, the solution provided is not robust enough.
mc_vesion event is thrown too late in the flow, and only after a successful GEP registration.

I’ve discussed internally with the GEP team on an option to get the data as a game launch game info, which should result in a better implementation for us

If the said effort above will not be successful, we’ll resort to using mc_version event as provided by GEP at the moment :slight_smile: