New World Game Info/Events ideas

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  • Feature Description:
    Game Info that could be great for app development
  1. Average Gear Score (and further down development, maybe full inventory gear json output)

  2. I see Character name and “Server” is planned, just wanted to point out that it might be important to make sure you allow us to make the distinction between US/EU etc.

  3. Weapon skills information, how many points out of 20 you have and in what “perk” they are placed.
    Could help with guide applications for min maxing tanking, healing, PvP etc.

  4. Scenery change.
    Information regarding if the user is in loading screen while logging on or fast traveling, or if they are in a dungeon (prefferebly with dungeon name) or if they are out in the open world.

  • impact for apps in general: high

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and we will update you here.


To add to that list:

  • Game events like minimap / dialog opened (so that overlays can auto hide), item looted (helpful for resource gathering)
  • inventory stats
  • trading post prices

There is a lot of potential for NW and it would be nice if the devs could give us a proper API through overwolf to bring similar addons to NW that we used and loved in games like wow.

I found a good solution to hiding elements was to just check game info changes and if mouse cursor was visible or not.

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We have paused all further development for New World features for the near future.

Unfortunately, I will have to reject this FR.

We will let you know in this thread if there will be any changes regarding this.