overwolf.extensions.checkForExtensionUpdate doesn't give the right update state on testing channels

Severity: minor / confusing

When using the api overwolf.extensions.checkForExtensionUpdate in an App that is in non-production channel, it always gives us the status of UpToDate even though it’s not.

Restarting the App does install the update properly then, but for beta and QA testers it is confusing that we show different “latest” version than “installed” version but the expected update button doesn’t show up.
It doesn’t show up because we base it’s visibility on the state we get from the mentioned api call.

I understand if this is the case when installing unpacked extensions.

Does this behaviour (as with unpacked extensions) also apply when an .opk is installed directly?
Instead of using the installer downloaded from the channel-flagged url?

Hi. We will check it and get back to you.


@Colorfulstan, checkForExtensionUpdate() API will be “aware” of the new version after 2 hours or after the Overwolf client restart.

So after the client restart, we already know it’s working. So the correct test is to update your beta channel, wait for more than two hours, and then call checkForExtensionUpdate(). If you still have an issue - please update me.

I’m aware of the fact, that it takes some time to reach running clients, but in this case it wasn’t working after a long time past that. Overwolf client was not restarted in between.

After client restart it worked. (Or rather: the app updated before the next checkForExtensionUpdate call)
I might be able to get logs but only on monday most likely.
Would that help identify any issues?

@Colorfulstan yes bring the logs… anyway I will test it as well till Monday.

I’m closing the issue. If that’s still an issue, please mention me, and I’ll reopen it.