R6 wrong event detection

We are getting some reports lately for wrong events detection in R6

This might be due to the issue we had with detecting the wrong player as me, or maybe something else.
Attached is more information provided by one of our community members:

It shows 2 kills and a death for this clip but there were no kills and no death

Logs: OverwolfLogs_2020-10-11_13-04-36.zip (1.5 MB)
Name of the clip: Rainbow 6 Siege 10-10-2020 22-07-41-578


Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


@Eyal Are you using auto-highlights for that Video? If not, I guess you are splitting the Video independently? In that case, it will be hard to check where the issue was.

Can you at least provide me the exact log/timestamp to check the GEP log to see which events were fired? If it’s reproducible, and precise steps to reproduce will be the best.

@eransharv This is pure auto-highlights

You can find the video given the name of the clip shared above

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OK, we are investigating the issue. @dana.feld reported a similar issue.

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@eransharv Any progress with this?
Getting all kinda of reports with issues in R6:

@Eyal, we think that we identify the issue. We push it to high priority, and we are on it.
I will update you later with an ETA.

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After an investigation with the help of the R&D, we conclude that the root cause of the issue is not a GEP related issue - it’s a lack of resources issue: we can see in the logs this error:

Service - Streaming warning: perforamnce_high_cpu_usages

R6 is a very high demanding game in terms of CPU, etc. Combine it with low-performance machines or high-quality captures (high resolution, high FPS, etc.) - and you got errors like the above.

Our recommendation for now - register for the error events (onCaptureWarning for example), and catch these kinds of error, or this specific error. Once you caught it, you can tell the user to decrease the capture’s quality, etc.