A "hybrid" window set as setDesktopOnly does not show up in the desktop

Issue Description:
Note: I am using “Developers” channel version 1.58 of Overwolf. I think 1.57 behaves a better when it comes to setDesktopOnly.

So the window I am using is NOT set in the manifest to be an in-game only window; meaning its a hybrid depending on wether the game is in focus.

When I am looking at that window while I am in game, and I call setDesktopOnly(true), the window dissapears in-game (which is correct), but it doesn’t show up in the desktop (which is incorrect).

Now in another instance, when I am looking at the window while it is not overlayed on top of the game (so when I am in the desktop), and I call setDesktopOnly(true), the window doesnt dissapear in the desktop (which is correct), and it no longer shows up in the game (which is also correct).

Steps to reproduce:
Open the HearthArena 2.0 OPK in Hearthstone.
Use Hearthstone windowed mode to better see the issue.
In the docking, click the “desktop”-icon in the top right menu.

This sets the docking to be desktop only. However, the window is now insivible despite all values showing like it should be visible.

Thanks for reporting, a bug was opened and will be fixed in the next few days

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@heartharena hi,

If you are using this function on an in-game window while you are in a game, the window will hide, but it will not appear on the desktop automatically. This is by design, and we will discuss it internally if we want to change it in the future.
Nevertheless, we are always recommending to use different windows for in-game and desktop.

I added this note to the docs so that It will be clear to other users.