AMD Radeon 580x Driver Issue

Issue Description:

When running driver 18.4.1 the screen turns black. A system reboot is required to recover. However, updating to the latest drive resolved the issue.

Steps to reproduce:

Run using driver 18.4.1

Impact for my app:


@LEOkonami please take a look and tell me if you have any action items from your side.
@JackpotRising we will check it. FYI, note that this site is for development issues and this one looks like an Overwolf client issue, and OW client or end users problems are more suitable for the support site -

Hey there, I think this articale can help you solve the black screen issues you have

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@JackpotRising any update on this one? is the article helped you?

We were just reporting the issue. We had already solved it as mentioned by upgrading to the latest drivers. Feel free to close if you wish.

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