[Apex Legends Origin] match_info exists before match_start is triggered

Related Games: Apex Legends (origin instance only)
Issue Description:
When Apex legends starts, we request for gameInfo.
even though we did not get any match_start event, we get a match_info object.

2021-02-12 22:15:41,054 (INFO) </src/services/Logger.js> (:9) - [GameService:Apex Legends] Session start info {"gep_internal":{"version_info":"{\"local_version\":\"164.1.0\",\"public_version\":\"164.1.0\",\"is_updated\":true}"},"me":{"name":"fishel123"},"match_info":{"game_mode":"#PL_TRIO_ACETAKEOVER_LTM"}}

Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce): See attached Logs
Impact for my app: Effects all origin apex legends users. we use the match_info data to “reconnect”
to an existing match.
Do you currently have a workaround? No

pay attention that it’s only Origin related, as Steam does not have this issue.

User logs: OverwolfLogs_2021-02-12_22-28-25.zip (1.5 MB)

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


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Is there any update on the issue?


We need to understand what exactly is the problem on your end - because generally speaking - the information provided before “match_start” is legitimate and intended (meaning name of user / game mode etc… it’s all information that simply IS available before “match_start” is fired).

up until now, we checked if match_info exists when the session starts.
if it does, it means that there was a either a DC or that we missed the match_start for this match

our logic was that if a match has match_info it means that a match has already started

In the case that you want to check if a game is already active we recommend to check if location feature is active.

  • Location is polled up to two times in 1 second

it means that we’ll be blasted with location events only for that purpose (which is not ideal)

is there a simpler solution?
e.g: in other games, we have things like info.match_info.pseudo_match_id or info.game.game_state === "playing"

We got pseudo_match_id built in on every GEP-supported game.

Are you saying you’re unable to receive it specifically in Apex unlike other games that you reconnect mid-game?

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yes, that is correct
if we would have got it, we would have used it as it is usually trust worthy

How about using legendSelect instead of location?

you said every game should have a pseudo_match_id
if that’s the case, why do I need solutions like legendSelect or location?
(unless you need to fix pseudo_match_id, which is also a viable solutions for me)

Hi again,
pseudo_match_ids logic works in a way that it launches together with match_start. We cannot provide you a solution for this on a reconnection scenario as it works this way across the board.
And unfortunately, depending on the specific game we deal with and the relevant information - match_info will still hold different types of information, which is partly why we suggest you find a workaround.

If you can’t use one, and you need a reconnect feature to be implemented, feel free to add a request for it via the feature request section here or via DevRel.

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I think that pseudo_match_id will do for now