Apex Legends - player name white space on some events

kill_feed + legendSelect both have a single whitespace after the club ID and before the local player`s name, other events and getInfo will return it without spacing (as in, [BnZ]RaPoZaUm / [BnZ] RaPoZaUm)

compared to
{“msg_type”:“champion”,“nickname”:"[BnZ] RaPoZaUm",“champion”:"#character_l

guessing it is an unwanted behavior since it can fail string compares unless cleaned from whitespace \ any clubID in advance.

adding the logs I encountered this on, you can search the GEP dir with [BnZ] RaPoZaUm / [BnZ]RaPoZaUm to see the two different outcomes

not super critical for us, we will patch it app side for now (Predator)

Hey Boaz,

You actually surprise me with this quite a bit, since we had an open bug on this quite far back and it’s marked for me as that we already solved this issue. Is it something that was reintroduced recently?

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can’t say for sure when this was introduced, I remember we had similar behaviors in past seasons as well… what I do remember for sure was club ID \ NO club id at all kind of difference, now we have club id with space or without a space (only found it on those 2 events)

@Shargaas Inconsistent white spaces have been an issue since when clubs were introduced (examples from kill_feed):

  • " destroy86"
  • “[BLU]MyztikalElement”
  • “[PYA] GiS Klimpy”

They randomly appear before a nickname but they can be easily removed.

Hey again guys,

I spoke to our devs, and it seems this is not a bug on our end unfortunately. It is literally the way the game provides these outputs, and yes, it changes and varies from thing to thing (like from kill feed and / or lobby etc. etc.)

So unfortunately, there isn’t alot more that we can do in this regard, as it would be too difficult to map out every instance of which the space appears or disappears.

rgr that :slight_smile: