Cannot type @ in input

Issue Description:

We are having issue with inputs not registering the @ character when using an AZERTY layout.
We don’t know yet if there are other characters or layout that fall in the same bag but input type doesn’t seem to matter.

Steps to reproduce: Have an AZERTY layout keyboard, try to type @.

Impact for my app:


Do you currently have a workaround?

Type the @ character in another window (notepad, chrome, etc) and paste it in 360 but it’s quite awkward

@Sorikairox which type of input you are talking about? input in an Overwolf app window? do you have an OPK that i can install and test it? (i preffer to test these kind of things with YOUR app)

Hi Eran,

You can download Nicecactus Gamesight/360 in order to test that.

We’re talking about html inputs :slight_smile:

Please find the OPK for our app Nicecactus-360-3.1.9.opk (2.9 MB)

Apparently, the issue happen for any key combination that requires the “alt gr” key, not only the ‘@’ character.

@rgoupil thanks. I updated the internal ticket with the new info.

Hello @eransharv any news? A large part of our users have an AZERTY keyboard and will be impacted by this issue :sob:

@rgoupil We are on it. I’ll hope i have some update this week.

@rgoupil This was fixed in version v0.153.

Can you please udpate your client to the developers channel (for v0.153) and check if it’s now working as expected?

It works fine here now.

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Glad to hear! Thanks for the update.

Closing the ticket.