Switched keyboard layout isn't used in already running app

Issue Description: After switching the Windows keyboard layout from e.g. English to Russian, already running apps are still using the old layout (English) to capture input.
Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. Start any Overwolf app with an input field
  2. Type something in the input field to verify it uses the current layout (English)
  3. Switch Windows keyboard layout to a different layout (Russian)
  4. Type something in the input field to verify it still uses the old layout (English)

Impact for my app: Only one user has complained about this issue so far.
Do you currently have a workaround? Restarting the app fixes the issue.

Hey @Kyusung4698, and sorry for the delay.

From my tests, this specific issue is relevant for this user and not related to dev issues.
Therefore, the proper forum for that is our help center:


Hi @eransharv,

I’m not sure I understand this response. I’m able to reproduce this on my system, so it’s an issue in the way Overwolf handles the keyboard layout after it got changed. Please open this again.


Sorry, my bad; I mixed it up with another issue. Re-open it. I will update you.


@Kyusung4698 hey,

I was not able to reproduce it with other games and apps. Currently, I don’t have POE on this machine, and I want to test it with this game.


  1. Is this a desktop or in-game window? If it’s a desktop window: is it native?
  2. have you tried it on other apps or games?


An update: I checked it on POE with POE Overlay, and still - not reproducible.

Can you please try on another machine? If it is reproducible on another device - please give me the exact steps to reproduce on POE with POE Overlay - which window to open, which text field you are using as the input, etc.


It’s an in-game window. In my case the “market” window which is bound to ALT+M.
I haven’t tried it in a desktop window, or other apps/games.

I’ll check later with another system. Did you tried it with Russian/English as well?

@Kyusung4698, yes, I tried Russian/English layouts with the market window as in your screenshot.
And it looks like it’s working as expected.


I am closing this issue due to a lack of activity.
You can always ask to reopen it by mentioning me with a @.