[Dota2] Player used Buyback event

Related Games: Dota 2

  • Feature Description: An event fired when a player uses Buyback (from any team)
  • impact for my app: high
  • What is your current pain point?: The user has to activate a timer manually. It is public information if any player uses Buyback.
  • What do you have in mind to solve it?: Add an event firing when a player uses Buyback

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and we will update you here.
It might take up to a few days.


Hey @ZeLeffL,

Thank you for your ticket.

We already have a “Buyback” event which you can find in the Dota 2 Documentation, but that one is referred only to the local player if memory serves me correctly.

To extract this for any player in the match will require further research within the game.

We deeply appreciate all the effort from your side in improving our framework. However, after careful thought, we’ve decided to currently focus on other requests, which will hopefully be beneficial for you as well.

Thanks again for your time.

Hey @eransharv,
Thank you for the quick response!
This is a very unfortunate outcome. I strongly believe an app using this event would not only be very successful, but also help players from every skill bracket, making the game less tedious having to memorize these timings.
The Roshan died event (the other event I suggested) hopefully will make it through the process, since in the competing game, League, this event (with the timer) is integrated in the base game. Having it in Dota would make the game much more accessible.