Game event - matchId remains the same across different matces

Related Games: Fortnite
Issue Description: My workflow is pretty simple, I’m trying to monitor game information across different sessions. Therefore saving match_info (sessionId, matchId, ticketId, partyId, etc…). I’ve encountered a problem in which I’m getting the same sessionId, matchId (and others) in all of my games. Although I do expect to get different Id’s for each game I play.
Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):

  1. Launching fortnite
  2. Getting into a match - call it game number 1
  3. Logging the relevant information - for example:

res": {
“gep_internal”: {
“version_info”: “{“local_version”:“180.1.1”,“public_version”:“180.1.1”,“is_updated”:true}”
“match_info”: {
“mode”: “solo”,
“userID”: “5443f65d47ab45128cff05c9789565e2”,
“partyID”: “fc68fcdc349b49c2a9b1c107cfcbc517”,
“ticketID”: “c047303369ef3b2819b4a1e08e1cf87a”,
“matchID”: “17f9308d61d2c87d2c0cb3888888dde9”,
“sessionID”: “2c3c4f236371428f8f0ca36e6c881c9c”,
“map”: “Apollo_Terrain”,
“nicknames”: “{“team_members” : [{“player” : “OrenAndSons”}]}”,
“pseudo_match_id”: “7f0fd844-9fed-47e5-a966-11ced73fd0b5”,
“kills”: “0”,
“rank”: null,
“total_teams”: “97”,
“total_players”: “97”

  1. Ending the match (when it ends or when I leave and go back to the lobby).
  2. Start another match - call it game number 2
  3. Logging the relevant information
  4. Getting the exact same values for the Id’s provided above.

I’m using both the “onInfoUpdates2” API as-well as the “getInfo(callback)” API.
In the second game (game number 2) “onInfoUpdates2” listeners doesn’t notify on match_info events such as sessionId, matchId, ticketId, partyId.
*getInfo on game number 2 returns the same values as game number 1

Impact for my app: it’s a massive show-stopper
Do you currently have a workaround? No :frowning:

I would appreciate any support,
Thank you!

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.



We managed to reproduce the issue and we’ve opened a bug on it.
Hopefully we will issue a fix as soon as possible and we will update you on this.


Hey @San-Moshe ,

We just started phasing a fix for this bug. It should be available for everyone in a couple of hours.
I will close this ticket now due to the fix.
If you continue experiencing any other type of problem, please reply here and let me know.