How to update the replay capture settings without turning it OFF and then turning it ON

I am turning it off the replay service when the match starts and then turning it ON for updating the latest settings.
here is the problem:
capturing is not happening after the 1st match. i.e(From 2nd match onwards capturing is not happening).
please help me on this.

Hi, and thanks for the feedback.

We will check the issue and we will update you here.


Here is the code:
private onNewEvents(e) {
const shouldHighlight = => {
if( == ‘match_start’)
{ (status) {{
“highlights”: {
“enable”: false,
“requiredHighlights”: [“kill”]
“settings”: {
“gif_as_video”: false,
“max_quota_gb”: 2,
“video”: {
“sub_folder_name”: “C:\Users\91994\Videos\Overwolf”,
“auto_calc_kbps”: true,
“fps”: 30,
“width”: 1920,
“height”: 1080,
“max_kbps”: 100,
“buffer_length”: 3000,
“frame_interval”: 30,
“test_drop_frames_interval”: 100,
“notify_dropped_frames_ratio”: 30,
“max_file_size_bytes”: 10000000,
“include_full_size_video”: false,
“override_overwolf_setting”: true,
“disable_when_sht_not_supported”: false,
“indication_position”: overwolf.streaming.enums.IndicationPosition.BottomLeftCorner,
“indication_type”: overwolf.streaming.enums.IndicationType.DotAndTimer,
“use_app_display_name”: true
}, function (status) {, “TurnON”,result:"+JSON.stringify(status, null, 2),

I am turning it off when the match_Start event occurs and then turning it ON.
For the first match it is working as expected after that recording is not happening. It says
this log for method.
“success”: false,
“status”: “error”,
“error”: “not turn on”

Hi, can you explain what is the flow? why and when you are turn on and of? are you doing manual capture using the replay? it looks that somehting in the flow is not working - you are trying to capture when you didn’t turnOn the API.

Why you are not turn it on on app laucnh and turn it off on app exit?

I want the different folder for each match. So, As you suggested in earlier ticket turning it OFF and then turning it ON will create new folder for each match.
currently it working for first match after that capturing is not happening.
I am using manual capture.
startCapture method response:
“success”: false,
“status”: “error”,
“error”: “not turn on”

turnOn method response:
“success”: true,
“status”: “success”,
“error”: “”,
“description”: “”,
“metadata”: “”,
“mediaFolder”: “C:\Users\spartan\Videos\Overwolf\SampleApp\VALORANT\VALORANT_06-15-2021_18-22-00-260”,
“osVersion”: “10.0.19041.1023”,
“osBuild”: “2009”
How come turnON method got succeeded and startCapture method says replay is didnt turn on ?
above log is for the second match.

I can’t see any issue with the capture API, as several apps use these APIS.

Also, check our replay and streaming sample apps here to see the corrected flow.

You don’t have to do turnOn and TurnOff. Just turn it on when a match starts and off when it ends, for example. Maybe that will help you to simplify your app.

Not related - you mentioned that you attached the logs, but I can’t see it. Please reproduce the issue on the newest version in the dev channel and then attach the logs here.