Issues with Screen resolutions

Related app/team name (not a must if you want to keep it private): Valorant Tracker
Issue Description: We are having an issue when screen/Windows resolution differs from the game resolution.
Can you reproduce it (exact steps to reproduce):
Impact for my app: For the past 3 months, we are saying a good number of users reporting the same issue.
Do you currently have a workaround? No

I had similar reported issues.
Ended up being related to DPI scaling, not resolution.
That may be an area you haven’t looked at yet?

@asaf_livne Can you ask the user to change his screen dpi to 100 and check if it’s related?

Yes, will update. Thank you both.

I’m currently closing the issue as there are no updates. But if there will be - please mention me, and I’ll reopen it.


We received another comment from a user about it here: The UI is blocking the leaderboard - Valorant Tracker App - Tracker Network

"yes, the problem is that some monitors have a suggested 150% size on the “Make everything bigger” windows 10 settings, to help readability. So maybe having a size ratio setting into the app may help.

I have a 27GL850 monitor and having same problem ( 150% window setting ) and setting it back to 100% everytime i play Valorant is a bit uncomfortable."

What should we do? Anything to move forward with it? Thanks.