LEP stops sending events to the app after a while

Hey guys

Issue Description:
I’ve noticed that, for some users who played a lot of games in a row, and did not close the app, LEP stops sending most events to the app at some point, even if the overwolf.games.launchers.events.onInfoUpdates.addListener has been called recently (and no removeListener occured after the addListener)

In the attached logs, PorofessorLogs_20200624_172050.zip (3.3 MB), the last game where this worked properly occured at 2020-06-18 13:58. After that date, the app stopped receiving some of the LEP events (champ_select events, among others), despites calling overwolf.games.launchers.events.onInfoUpdates.addListener and setRequiredFeatures with the champ_select parameter afterwards.
summoner_info events are the only LEP events which are always forwarded to the app.

In the LEP logs, we can still see those eventsh. So it’s really the forwarding to the app which does not work at some point.

Steps to reproduce: Not sure

Impact for my app: Mid. I’ve multiple users who reported the bug in the past weeks. Each time I added more logs to try to udnerstanding the issue and to make sure I don’t unregister events and forget to register them again.

Do you currently have a workaround?
Rebooting the app (without rebooting overwolf) seems to fix the issue.

Thanks for your help

@trebonius0 thanks for the info. We will investigate it and let you know.


According to the attached logs, the LEP app starts just fine each time the LoL client is running, and the info-db is being updated correctly with the relevant infos.

I assume that this is an issue related to your app (which stayed opened for a few days), but in order to be sure, we need to be able to reproduce this issue.

Can you try collecting some data about the amount of users who experience this error?
Maybe if it happens to only a few users per day, you should detect this scenario (by a missing champ select info?) and request the user to restart the app (https://overwolf.github.io/docs/api/overwolf-extensions#relaunch)

Adding additional logs on the user side.

I suspect that the issue was coming from somewhere where I .unsubscribe and then .subscribe in a very short time

@trebonius0 Currently, I’m not sure how to proceed. Currently, I can’t see any action items from our side. I will leave this ticket open for now. Please update us.

@itayG FYI.

Yeah, I will when I get more info